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Bridget Foster 

Vice President, Marketing 


Bridget Foster has worked in all areas of the education market–from classroom teacher, to state level and industry leadership. As SVP Education at SIIA, she helped companies better understand the education market, so that they can grow their brands worldwide. She has held key leadership positions at a number of education technology companies, helping them to build brand equity, drive revenue growth, and expand market penetration to win dominant market share.


Key positions include: PolyVision, were she was responsible for developing, building, and growing their alliance and partnership program globally; Key Curriculum Press, where she engineered their move from print to digital; SchoolNet, helping publishers optimize their products for the LMS; and at PLATO Learning, working with state departments to implement their LMS statewide. As Executive Director of the CLRN, a service of the California Department of Education, she spearheaded and launched an electronic learning resource review process that received global acclaim. She has served on a variety of boards including the SIIA Board of Directors, the E–Learning Workgroup and the Technology Advisory Group for Office of the Governor of California. She has acted as guest lecturer for a variety of university education programs and started her career as a high school science and math teacher. She holds credentials in English, science, mathematics and school administration.

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