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California State University 

The California State University (CSU) engaged CS4Ed to provide consulting services in long-term support of a comprehensive effort to plan, develop, and implement the university’s accessible technical and organizational infrastructure for e–learning throughout the 23 campuses of CSU. This infrastructure facilitates the discovery, acquisition and use of commercial and Open Source academic content and educational technology by faculty and students. It leverages the development and delivery of the core collection of digital materials, resources for online and hybrid instruction, and student and faculty services.
CS4Ed consultants have provided technical and management services to the CSU staff and to consumer and supplier participants across the Digital Marketplace Project (DM), the consortium for Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and on–line Teaching (MERLOT), the Identity Access Management (IAM) Project, and the Skills Common project. In additional to general strategic advice for developing project organization and management models, for creating and testing SOA architectural concepts, and maintaining trusted relationships among project participants, these services include:
  • Process management methodology for a complex, multiple stakeholder multi–year projects;
  • Design of enterprise scale, distributed systems with evolving requirements; and
  • Deployment support for administrative leaders, heads of departments and directors of programs during implementation.
The projects in which CS4Ed consultants participate require methods and processes that provide equal measures of direction, coordination, and independence, as well as balancing continuity with responsiveness to evolving technical capabilities and market needs.
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