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Consortium for School Networking

In cooperation with CoSN, CS4Ed is conducting a study of the effectiveness of technical standards for educational content and software. The study is collecting data to quantify the operational effectiveness and pragmatic benefits of formal interoperability standards such as SIF, IMS, SCORM and PESC and informal standards based on products or design requirements.
We believe this information, which is drawn from in–depth interviews with individuals responsible for implementing the technical infrastructure for teaching and learning, is essential for reducing confusion about which standards address which specific market need and what concrete payback each provides for consumers, suppliers and policy makers. Such data also will contribute to the adoption and refinement of the standards themselves.
Our goal is to interview 200–300 individuals and to repeat the study periodically in order to track trends and measure progress in adoption and use. The results of the study will be made available to appropriate organizations and to the public via reports, webinars and custom consulting.
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