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National Education Association 

Since the early 1990s, the NEA has been providing a product for the School Improvement Market, Keys to Excellence for Your Schools (KEYS). Recently, a major revision has been completed–KEYS 2.0–and the NEA wanted a comprehensive market research project focusing on the School Improvement Market. KEYS 2.0 begins with the use of a comprehensive assessment to be completed by all stakeholders from the school community. This results in a unique profile that a school can use for planning purposes. The system also includes several professional development components designed to help schools move beyond the planning phase. To date over 1,000 schools have used KEYS.
In providing the market analysis, CS4Ed provided a review of the competitive landscape and identified the major players in the market of school improvement systems. The project:
  • Identified major competitors in the market;
  • Created a rubric for analyzing product features and benefits;
  • Classified the competitor's offerings, services and costs;
  • Provided in–depth analysis of the major players in the market;
  • Identified key market conditions, trends and critical factors for the further implementation and dissemination of the KEYS products and services; and
  • Analyzed the market opportunities, and recommended a strategic approach to the market.
The final recommendations included tactical plans for dissemination, as well as identifying organizations that might wish to partner in this effort with the NEA in some manner.
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