Harvard Extension School 

The 100–year old Harvard Extension School (HES) has successfully extended its offerings by introducing a Distance Learning Option for select courses. The success of the HES Distance Learning Option and technological trends that are transforming society–ubiquitous computing and the print–to–digital transition–offer a unique window of opportunity to lay out a practical path for sustained growth while implementing new and enhanced offers in distance education.​
As an initial step in producing the strategic plan, senior consultants from CS4Ed interviewed more than 70 faculty members, teaching assistants, members of the administrative and technical staff, and students involved in the distance education program.
The interviews guided discussion through a standard set of questions covering:
  • Current perceptions of the distance learning option;
  • Issues that must be addressed in the development or expansion of the distance learning option;
  • Potential areas of innovation, development or growth;
  • Technology trends; and
  • Appropriate goals for the distance learning option.
CS4Ed is now engaged in working with HES leaders to
  • Consolidate strategic thinking regarding goals, existing and planned capabilities, possibilities for innovation, and impact on teaching and learning at Harvard;
  • Develop the parameters of the market opportunity, identify HES resources and collaborative relationships, and analyze market and organizational constraints on growth; and
  • Create strategic plans for the opportunities that best fit Harvard and the Harvard Extension School.

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