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Harvard Division of Continuing Education



CS4Ed has supported the 110-year-old Harvard University Division of Continuing Education (DCE) in all phases of strategic assessment, transformation planning, and successfully implementing extended continuing education offerings. This decade long partnership began with CS4Ed developing a strategic plan for DCE transformation to the digital era. It includes tracking trends in digitalization in order to enable educational services that are not only immersive and engaging, as well as assisting the implementation of location and time independent experiences, adaptive and scalable pedagogies, and creative credentialing for courses and programs.
CS4Ed consultants assist DCE leadership in addressing the increasing, and increasingly urgent, demand for life-long learning by organizing a series of Workshops on Learning Engineering and on 60 Year Curriculum research and development. A virtual workshop that is overseen by CS4Ed is addressing the unique window of opportunity for institutions to lay out practical paths to sustain growth while implementing potentially disruptive approaches instruction, assessment, mentoring, and peer-to-peer learning.
To develop the basis for CS4Ed’s original strategic plan for DCE, senior consultants from CS4Ed conducted structured interviews with more than 70 faculty members, teaching assistants, members of the administrative and technical staff, and students involved in the distance education program. These structured interviews guided implementation by addressing:
  • Current perceptions of DCE offers and operations;
  • Issues to be addressed during the development and expansion of distance learning;
  • Areas with potential for innovation, development, and growth;
  • General technology and business trends; and
  • Appropriate objectives and metrics for implementing and managing technology enabled educational experiences.
During the initial and on-going implementation of the resulting plan, CS4Ed has continuously engaged DCE leaders to
  • Consolidate evolving strategic business and institutional goals, evaluating existing capabilities, experimenting with possible innovations, and assessing the impact of change on teaching and learning at Harvard;
  • Develop parameters and criteria for evaluating current and future market opportunities, including identifying critical DCE resources and potential collaborative relationships and mitigating risks to implementation and growth; and
  • Create and maintain continuous strategic plans for exploiting opportunities that best fit Harvard and the Division of Continuing Education.
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